Day 20: Hike Up Volcán Sierra Negra

The following post features student writing.

We arrived to the Galápagos Islands, and they are beautiful!

We started off Day 20 with a delicious breakfast of bread, yogurt, eggs, fruit and coffee. After leaving our hotel, we had a 30-minute ride to the Volcán Sierra Negra. Once we arrived, we hiked to a point on the volcano from which we could see a huge crater that was formed by the eruption in 2005. After taking many group pictures, we hiked back the base, where we had boxed lunch of rice, apples, juice, and chocolate. Lunch was followed by a fun afternoon at the beach, where many people attempted surfing. People who were experienced smoothly surfed the waves, while non-experienced people struggled more, and benefited from the help of our instructor, Juan Carlos. Afterwards, we had free time until dinner, where people either rested on the beach or played beach volleyball. The day was wrapped up by the delicious dinner of seafood ceviche, chicken skewers, or the vegetarian options. Overall, the day was packed full of amazing experiences and unforgettable moments.

– Hannah y Emma