Independent Projects & Main Projects

The following post features student writing.

As the days wind down in Iltaqui, we all are rushing to leave a positive and lasting trace on the community we spent two weeks living and working in. For some, that means finishing up their independent project and for others it means working hard on the main projects: replacing the roof on the Casa Comunal and digging a drainage canal.

For those that chose to work on their independent projects, these last few days were crucial for their completion. The independent projects within our group include a “Welcome to Iltaquí” sign that was created by Zach, Matt, Adam, and Oliver with help from Maya and Callie.

Another independent project was the creation of a large mural on the wall of the Casa Comunal that was facing the road that included the emblem of the village, the name of the community, the location of the village, and many handprints from members of the community and members of our group. This project was done by Emma, Ana, and Hannah.

Another independent project was a small cookbook of recipes from our cooks including an empanada recipe that was done by Ava, Callie, Victoria, and Rebecca. Alex and Tate decided to take photos of children in the village and post them onto an Instagram page as their independent project.

The final independent project was the repainting of the lines on the court in the school that we stayed at. This was done by myself and Adam D.

These independent projects in their completion have helped to add new positive traces to the community.

– Quentin B.