La Mágia de Pepe (The Magic of Pepe)

The following post features student writing.

We started our overnight excursion to Intag by celebrating Alex’s 16th birthday with some watermelon (for him) and cake (for us).

There are not many people who can say that they are completely content, yet Pepe is one of them. We had the privilege to chill with the only Ecuadorian who climbed the highest summit on all 7 continents independently.

After this adventure by the age of mid 30s, he settled down with his family on a secluded area so that he can run a coffee farm. Pepe gave us all a tour of his coffee farm by showing us his plants and process.

Afterward, he invited us into his house to relax and taste his fresh coffee.

In the afternoon, we traveled to the hot spring nearby. It was a great time to relax by the pools. After, we got back and enjoyed the showers at the hostal and especially the hot water, which we do not have in Italqui. We ended the night with some karaoke.

– Adam & Zach