Craters & Conversations

The following post feature student writing.

Hiking is good for three reasons: great views, physical activity (14 km @ 10,000 feet), and good conversations.

Although the group started off as one cohesive unit, after countless PUDs (pointless up and downs) the big pack split up into small groups, each having very unique and great conversations.

Our conversations varied in topic, going from heart-to-hearts, to simple jokes, but no matter the gravity or light-heartedness, our engagements quickly transformed us from simple friends to lifelong compadres with unmatched bonds.

What’s especially spectacular about these further tightened friendships is the location in which they took place. The breathtaking views took us all by surprise, from the panoramic cityscape and the large crater-filled lake.

Overall the combination of hiking within an active volcano along with the thought-provoking conversations led to an unforgettable experience and a definite highlight of the trip.

Peace out cub scouts,

Matthew S. & Adam H.